• Image of Kaye - The Four Seasons of 1984

THE FOUR SEASONS OF 1984," a conceptual journey through four seasons of hip hop for your listening pleasure. Special guest appearances by,
Brad Strut(LC), Baron Samedi(UK), Jeswon(Thundamentals), Mute Oblivion, Grouce, Prem Bedlam, Johnny Utah, Ayr, Nardean, Teasha Jackson, Beth Tate & Alicia Gunn.
Produced by, Mat Rafle, Rob Shaker, Mad Muther Beats, King10, Dpre & Kaye
All Cuts by DJ KiDream
Guest production by Ka-Re, Tim Kellaway, James Edge, Sam Rush, Kallan Mitchell, Caleb Toogood, Tim Ward and Gerard Nicholls.
Artwork by Phew, Itch & Presto